Having watched the development of Roots Wellbeing and being impressed with the depth, range, and simplicity of the material, I was eager to try it for myself. What I have experienced has had a profound effect upon how I manage stress, my productivity, and indeed upon the quality of my life. Through the Roots Program I am rediscovering joy, resilience, and my outlook has completely changed.
— Karen Mercereau, RN, iRNPA - Founder/Executive Director RN Patient Advocates, PLLC
I have been burned out, over-worked and have lost my spark. The more I get into Roots Wellbeing, the more it helps me heal and gives me tools to help others trapped or too discouraged to find authentic and tangible ways of growing and developing. I am grateful, humbled and inspired. I want more. Thank you, Roots Wellbeing, for your vision.
— Dottie Mazurek
Roots wellbeing helped me realign my priorities with my true inner values.
I got a greater understanding of WHY we do what we do and more importantly, Roots made me happier, healthier and BETTER at what I do. It was a great investment in myself and I plan to put my staff through the Roots Wellbeing program.
— Luke Mathers, Director, Specsavers Australia
The Roots Wellbeing program (and process) screamed at me: “THIS IS THE ONE!” I answered the call, and I love it.”
— Lana Benton, RN
I’m feeling excitement for the future once again, what a pivotal moment you’ve facilitated for me. Gratitude beyond measure is being sent to Roots Wellbeing from my heart and soul....
— Antoinette Ryba, RN
Believe it or not there is an ease and flow to life…it’s just understanding and believing that it’s there and knowing how to access it. ROOTS WELLBEING is all about finding those resources that you have inside of you, calling them forth, and having the confidence to claim them and use them. Life is always flowing, changing, expanding… so make it a joyful experience. It’s the only way I want to go.
— Jessica Koegel, RN
Having been diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (a rare Primary Immune Disease) over 22 years ago, I know that I have done what traditional medicine can offer. I started decreasing and getting off my medications and feeling better with more energy. Roots Wellbeing helps me maximize my immune function.
— Ruth Rinehart, RN